Night 1

How do you put everyone in the world onto the same vessel of consciousness? What would happen if you did? Would there be difference if it happened organically versus an engineered manner? I think if everyone in the world were to think the same thought at the same time, we would ascend to a higher level of being. We all think the same thing at the exact same time and poof, we disappear like a glittery cloud of dust or slowly ash away as if Thanos snapped his fingers. How would it happen organically though? Maybe a prophet displays miraculous ability that is seen across the world at once and invites the people into a meditative prayer? Well, how would it be engineered by man then? Maybe neurolink has effectively been installed into every human being worldwide and a program is uploaded. I’m not entirely sure but this is the shit I think about every moment of every day for as long as I have been Me. It’s exhausting, I often try to remember what it was like before, what it must have been like to think about the fuckin weather or small-town drama or what someone thinks of me. On top of that I try to remind myself even more often that I am not the same anymore, I no longer live in the same reality as everyone else. Well, if its only me in this realty, why doesn’t one thought poof me away, after all its everyone in the world thinking the same thing at the same time, so… who else is here with me? Honestly as I type that, what a terrifying fucking thought.  Well let’s take a step back, why would everyone poof in the first place, I cant say “just trust me on this one” right now but eventually I wont have to.  I believe it is the chaos that keeps us human. It is the difference in character color creed and cordance that keep us grounded to this earth we call home. Simply speaking think of humanity as a color pallet, it is the differences between that illuminate the different colors, mix them and you have a singular and no longer usable puddle of sludge that could easily and only be used for single purposes. Why would anyone want that anyway? Well, the artist wants the separate colors because he takes joy in painting masterpieces, as the contractor could do without a color spectrum as to make his job of mass painting much easier. God is the artist, the Devil contracts and humanity is the color pallet. Makes a little more sense now right? Maybe? I don’t know its late and I am trying to get this thought out clearly. If you cant grasp this concept you’re going to have a lot of trouble later on in these readings, eventually this gets into harvesting souls for time travel so.. buckle up.

~ These random thoughts I will post as many nights as I have time for, read them, process them, believe them ~

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